Here’s To An
Independent Future!

At TPIFF, we serve adults with physical disabilities and empower them to lead independent, meaningful, lives. The vision is to create a community within the larger community where residents who have physical challenges will be supported by each other, appropriate staff, and the community at large in context with each person's specific needs.

TPIFF :: Texas Panhandle Independent Futures FoundationTPIFF :: Texas Panhandle Independent Futures FoundationTPIFF :: Texas Panhandle Independent Futures Foundation


Many disabled adults have fine brain power and have a deep desire to live independent lives. TPIFF was formed for that very reason. Amarillo builder, Perry Williams is involved in the project and has generously re-fitted one of his duplexes and made it handicap friendly. TPIFF is renting the unit from Williams and the first two young male adults are beginning their happy quest towards independent living.

With round the clock care, and physical therapy, these young men plan to go to college and begin working towards their own support.

Independent Living

There is a huge gap between the ages of 18 and 65 for the disabled adult. Before age 18, the disabled youngster is usually cared for by parents or grandparents with the help of some disability programs. After 65, there are government programs, Medicare and Medicaid, to help the disabled. The problem is those 47 years in between.

There are more than 1500 disabled adults in the Texas Panhandle -
the need for independent futures is great!

Our Promise

Texas Panhandle Independent Futures Foundation promises to create homes and opportunities for physically disabled, mentally alert, young adults who have the desire and capability to achieve consistent growth towards a personal measure of independence.

I have been able to make more friends and be more sociable in the world. The freedom to live in my own house is a great feeling. It’s nice to wake up in my own home. I never believed this opportunity would be possible. I have been provided a great place to live my life as independent as possible with a wonderful group of people to help me on those things I have difficulties in doing.
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To obtain more information about TPIFF please call Ken Kelley at

For information about housing, contact Dorothy Valdez, Housing Coordinator, at 806.437.6556.